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Year 6 Curriculum Overview

KS2 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 - Journey to Jo’burh

 WOW! Factor: African Art Day

Fantastic finish: Creating an African Purse

Book: Journey to Jo’burh Author: Beverly Naidoo

In this unit, we will be focussing on life during the apartheid regime in South Africa, looking at the laws, influential public figures and changes. This will be linked to our wellbeing where we will focus on our rights and responsibilities and consider those around the world who may not have the same rights as us. In Music, we shall be evaluating a variety of music and working together to create raps. We will be considering how faith enables resilience in RE by focussing on different beliefs about life after death.

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Autumn 2 - Street Child

WOW! Factor: Visiting Schools Museum

Fantastic finish: Victorian school day

Book: Street Child Author: Berlie Doherty

In this unit, we will be learning about crime and punishment during Victorian times, and learning about the differences between the lives of the wealthy and the poor during this era in history. This will link to our art, where we will be researching and replicating William Morris wallpaper designs by overprinting, and our RE, where we will be considering why faith makes a difference with justice and poverty. Our wellbeing lessons will focus on celebrating our differences and developing empathy towards others. We will also look at strategies to deal with bullying. In Science, we will be learning about the circulatory system and how lifestyle can impact it.

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Spring 1 - The Giant’s Necklace

WOW! Factor: Hunting for shells and creating our own Giant’s necklace

Fantastic finish: Cornish food tasting

Book: The Giant’s Necklace Author: Michael Morpurgo

In this unit we will be studying Cornwall, looking at the geography of the area and exploring how tin mining was used. As part of our science topic, we will be learning how to classify living things. This includes going out into the local environment to find animals and plants to classify ourselves. In PSHE we will be developing our understanding of taking risks and how to manage them, especially in an emergency situation.

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Spring 2 - Wonder

WOW! Factor: New York skyline art

Fantastic finish: Trip to the Science Museum

Book: Wonder Author: R. J. Palacio

We will start this unit by exploring the geography of New York and England, looking at the similarities and differences between them. We then use this knowledge to create charcoal art based around New York City. Both our RE and PSHE topics are based on respect and tolerance, looking at how it is promoted within the community. We will be ending the topic with a trip to the Science Museum to learn more about genetics.

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Summer 1- Macbeth

WOW! Factor: Macbeth performance

Fantastic finish: Trip to the Royal Shakespeare Company

Book: Macbeth Author: William Shakespeare

We will begin this unit by looking at the physical and human geography of Scotland, comparing it from medieval times to today. We will also be developing our artistic techniques by painting landscapes using watercolour. In PSHE we will be learning about how to keep ourselves healthy, considering both our physical and our mental and emotional health. 

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Summer 2 - Friend or Foe

WOW! Factor: Evacuation afternoon

Fantastic finish: Building Air Raid Shelters

Book: Friend or Foe Author: Michael Morpurgo

Throughout this unit, we will be learning all about World War II. In our history lessons, we will be looking at the impact WW2 had on the local community in Luton and understanding why Luton was significant during this time. We will be using Python coding during our computing sessions to navigate an adventure game and looking at responsibility during our PSHE sessions.

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