Our Value for this term is INTEGRITY

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Year 5 Curriculum Overview

KS2 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 - Rickshaw Girl

WOW! Factor:  Bollywood Dance

Fantastic Finish: Alpana painting

Book: Rickshaw Girl Author: Mitali Perkins

We will begin this topic by identifying different biomes and an in-depth study into rainforests. We will be studying the Muslim religion and what is it like to be a Muslim living in Britain today as well as studying the history of Baghdad.  Our art lessons will focus on shading techniques to create mood and feeling. In computing, children will learn how to create and manipulate vector graphics. Throughout this term, we will be reading Rickshaw Girl where Naima is struggling to come to terms with the expected role of women in her small Bangladeshi village and challenges the old stereotypes. In English, we will write a transformation story and learn how to write persuasively. For a fantastic finish, we will be creating Alpana patterns where we will be making our own Alpana paste to use as a medium.

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 Autumn 2 - Secret Key to the Universe

WOW! Factor: Space day including Planetarium visit.

Fantastic Finish:  Creating our own space lightboxes.

Book: George’s Secret Key to the Universe Author: Lucy and Stephen Hawking

During this term, we will be studying the topic of space. Pupils will be investigating our Solar System including the planets, the moon’s phases and how Earth orbits the sun.  In music, we will be looking at the composer Gustav Holst and his compositions relating to the planets. In RE we will be considering the different views of how the world was created and pupils will take part in a scientific and religious debate. Our class book is about a boy called George, who travels through a portal into space. So we will use this theme to write portal stories and non-fiction information texts on planets. We will create our own planet landscapes in computing using 3D programming software. At the end of the term, our fantastic finish we will be creating light boxes with a starry night theme.

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Spring 1 - Bigfoot Mountain

WOW! Factor:  Exploring the forest for signs of Bigfoot.

Fantastic Finish: Make a giant bigfoot

Book: Bigfoot Mountain Author: Roderick O'Grady

Our learning for this unit will focus on mountain ranges and wildlife. Bigfoot Mountain explores family, friendship, dealing with loss and the importance of protecting the environment. Our writing topic is based on the character flaw story The Boy Who Cried Wolf as well as an explanation text about Dire Wolves. In Geography, we will be studying mountains and comparing living in Northern Canada to that of the UK. This term, children will be using physical computing equipment to stimulate the Northern Lights using Crumble Controllers. In Art, we will focus on improving our sketching skills and will produce a range of wolf-inspired images using pencil and charcoal. In Science, we will be investigating the properties and changes in materials and will be conducting a range of fair tests.

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Spring 2 - Kensuke's Kingdom

WOW! Factor:  Minecraft Kensuke’s Kingdom

Fantastic Finish: The Great Wave artwork.

Book: Kensuke's Kingdom Author: Michael Morpurgo

Our amazing book for this term is Kensuke’s Kingdom, where a schoolboy called Michael falls overboard during a storm on a family adventure and ends up shipwrecked on an island with just his dog. Our Wow for this term is therefore an exciting activity on Minecraft Education, exploring a survival island, just like Michael, alone with his dog. During our Computing lessons, we will be creating databases of living creatures in countries that Michael has seen in the book. Our science work will be based on Living things including sexual and asexual reproduction of plants and in Design Technology we will design and make our own fishing equipment from recycled materials. Our writing for this term is to write a journey tale and our non-fiction unit is a discussion text on whether Michael should be allowed time off school to travel around the world. We will finish the term by recreating The Great Wave painting by Japanese artist Hokusai.

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Summer 1 - Who Let the Gods Out?

WOW! Factor: Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Fantastic Finish: Greek Day

Book: Who Let the Gods Out? Author: Maz Evans

This half term our book is historically focused, so we will be researching and learning about life in Ancient Greece and its influence on the modern world. We will take part in our own mini–Greek Olympics and sample a range of Greek food. We will use our taste testing to design and create our own Greek menu for the end-of-term feast. Our science topic continues from last term and is based around the reproduction of animals. The focus for our writing this term is also Ancient Greek themed where the children will write a defeat the monster tale, based on the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa. We will also be writing a diary entry about the Siege of Troy. Our computing theme is about finding out how information travels across the internet.

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Summer 2 - Beowulf

WOW! Factor: Anglo-Saxon Workshop

Fantastic Finish: Make an Anglo-Saxon home.

Book: Beowulf Author: Michael Morpurgo

Our last term of the year starts with us going back in time to the Anglo-Saxons, whereby we will have a workshop in school for the day where we will be having hands on exploring of a variety of Early Medieval things. We will research the life of the Anglo-Saxons and compare them to the Vikings. The children will be fascinated by our class text (Beowulf) where a murderous monster stalks the night. Therefore, our story writing is focused on a warning tale. This term in our wellbeing  lessons, we will be discussing the topic of puberty and the emotional and physical changes that may be experienced. We will finish the year by studying Anglo-Saxon timber-framed houses in order to plan and make our own model versions as part of Design Technology.

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