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Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 - Coming to England

WOW! Factor:  Caribbean-themed day. Making Johnny cakes, learning traditional songs and dances and comparing life between the UK and the Caribbean.

Fantastic Finish: Carnival parade

Book: Coming to England  Author: Floella Benjamin

We will begin this term by focusing on the Windrush generation and the lasting, positive impact this generation has had on British society. We will then look at the roots of Calypso music before using instruments and computing programs to create our own masterpieces. To finish our unit we will study carnival dress, before designing, creating and reviewing our own carnival headdresses.

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Autumn 2 – The Firework Maker’s Daughter

 WOW! Factor:  Exploring Changes of State in science

Fantastic Finish: Building and erupting Volcanoes

Book: The firework maker's daughter Author: Philip Pullman

This term we will be focusing on our earth, how it is structured and the changes of state that occur in nature. We will study volcanoes and their effect on the environment and focus on the art of Margaret Godfrey. 

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Spring 1 - How to Train your Dragon

 WOW! Factor:  Make Viking Shields and swords and raid other classrooms for treasure. Make and play Viking games (Hnefatafl).

Fantastic Finish: Sail Longships on the River Lea

Book: How to Train you Dragon  Author: Cressida Cowell

We will begin this term by creating Viking swords and shields and then pillaging other classes for treasure! We will learn about who the Vikings were, where they came from and why they raided. As well as learning about their ships before creating our own models. We will create a class Wiki on dragons.

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Spring 2 - Invasion

 WOW! Factor: Microsoft VR or Norman themed Day

Fantastic Finish: Walk around the Gallery of Art (Bayeux Tapestry)

Book: Invasion   Author: Robin Cook

In this unit we will study the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings. We have a fantastic WOW trip to Warwick Castle. We will create a computer game and investigate shadows during our science lessons. We will finish the term studying the Bayeux tapestry and sewing our own panel for a year group gallery.

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Summer 1 - Charlotte's Web

 WOW! Factor: Farmer for a day

Fantastic Finish: Food from the farm

Book: Charlotte's Web Author: E B White

Our foundation subjects will be taught as we progress through our class based book.

We will be learning about where our food comes from, as well as designing a veg patch for the school and growing our own vegetables and herbs. We will investigate what a settlement is and how the land is used.

We will create Mr Zuckerman's farm in Minecraft by using Redstone to simulate electricity before using wires, batteries and switches to make our own hands-on electrical circuits.

As part of PHSE, we will be understanding how to make informed choices to stay healthy and have a 'balanced lifestyle' including eating a balanced diet. 

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Summer 2

WOW! Factor: Trip to London Zoo / Residential to Walesby Forest

Fantastic Finish: A day in the Jungle

Book: Running Wild Author: Michael Morpurgo

Our foundation subjects will be taught as we progress through our class based book.

We will be learning about different climate zones around the world and the habitats associated with each climate zone. While exploring habitats we will be focusing on the animals that can be found in each area.

We will be researching endangered species such as the Sumatran Tiger and the Borneo Orangutan. We will be using a classification table to sort animals by their features.

As part of PHSE, we will be understanding how to maintain a positive mental attitude and the features that contribute to our mental health.

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