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Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 

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Autumn 2 

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Spring 1 - Beware of the King

 WOW! Factor: A trip to the Tower of London

Fantastic Finish: A study of Tudor artefacts

Book: Beware of the King Author: Stewart Ross

This is a history led unit all about the Tudors. The children learn about Henry VIII's cruel reign and his influence on society and the country.  The children learn Tudor dancing in PE. In Art, they create self-portraits and in History chose to study a topic of their choice relating to the Tudors.

Unit 3 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - Hodgeheg

 WOW! Factor: A visit from Teaching Talons

Fantastic Finish: Make hedgehog homes for the wildlife area

Book: Hodgeheg Author: Dick King-Smith

Children made comparisons during PSHE about well-being and feelings and how they related to them.  In Art, children made hedgehogs using different materials and tools. In Literacy, children learnt the Green Cross Code and wrote descriptions of their local area. In Maths, the children learnt about shapes and shadows and how they related to time.

Summer 1 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 WOW! Factor: Making honeycomb and chocolate tasting

Fantastic Finish: Publishing our amazing portal stories

Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Author: Roald Dahl

This story teaches children about good choices and through PSHE we investigated different families and different homes and the impact it has on individuals.  We also began our enabling enterprise project called Number Crunching.  This project encourages the children to work as teams to develop a chocolate bar, from this they have to work out the expenditure, income and profit along with designing packaging and marketing.  This topic led us to investigate where chocolate comes from, Rainforests, deforestation and Fairtrade.

Summer 2 - Romans of the Rampage

 WOW! Factor: Children will make Roman shields

Fantastic Finish: Trip to the Verulamium, St Albans

Book: Romans of the Rampage Author: Jeremy Strong

This hilarious story introduces the children to the life of a Roman family told by a friendly crow.  In History, the children learn how the Romans conquered Britain in AD43 but faced strong opposition from Boudicca and her tribe of Britains.  In Art, we have been studying mosaics and in Computing, we have been building Roman settlements using the Minecraft program.