Our Value for this term is INTEGRITY

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A Values Based School

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

KS1 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 - Pumpkin Soup

WOW! Factor: Visit to Sainsbury's

Fantastic Finish: Cooking Soup around a fire

Book: Pumpkin Soup Author: Helen Cooper

 The story shows the values of three friends and how they overcome their differences.  The children will be basing their topic around food and DT, making and designing soups during Forest School and also learning about plants and how they grow.

Topic Plan

Autumn 2 - Zoo

WOW! Factor: Animal Dress Up

Fantastic Finish: Animal Art Gallery

Book: Zoo Author: Anthony Brown

Our topic is based on the book Zoo By Anthony Brown. We will be learning about animals and habitats in Science and looking at countries from around the world to link with our animal studies.

Topic Plan

Spring 1 - Toby and the Great Fire of London

 WOW! Factor: Visit from the local Fire service and children make bread.

Fantastic Finish: Recreation of the Great Fire of London (burning of the buildings).

Book: Toby and the Great Fire of London Author: Margaret Nash and Jane Cope

This is a history led unit all about the Great Fire of London.  The children will learn about the events at the time as well as the modern fire and rescue service.

 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

 WOW! Factor: Nocturnal animals visiting

Fantastic Finish: Make cocoa/roast marshmallows and sing around a bonfire – camp songs

Book: The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark Author: Jill Tomlinson

 This story helps the children to learn about nocturnal animals and their habitats.  The children will write non-fiction texts and through music and art will explore the nighttime world.

Topic Plan

Summer 1 - The Rainbow Bear

 WOW! Factor: Art Day - recreate a page from the book

Fantastic Finish: Art Exhibition

Book: The Rainbow Bear Author: Michael Morpurgo

This story teaches children about habitats,  plants and the food chain.  Children also learn about continents and weather.

Topic Plan

Summer 2 - The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

 WOW! Factor: Pirate Day

Fantastic Finish: Trip to the seaside, Hunstanton

Book: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. Authors: Ronda and David Armitage

This wonderful set of books supports the children in their understanding of geography.  The children learn about healthy eating, working together as a team and different journeys.

 Topic Plan