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Year 1 Curriculum Overview

KS1 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 – Handa's Surprise

WOW! Factor: African Drumming

Fantastic Finish: Watching Fruit Salad making videos

Book: Handa's Suprise Author: Eileen Browne

Handa’ Surprise is a lovely story of friendship. It is based in Kenya and we have been able to link it to the non-fiction story of Wangari, who planted trees.

We are also able to learn about different fruits grow best in different countries. Handa’s Surprise has helped us to explore the differences and similarities between Luton and a small Kenyan village.

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Autumn 2 - Jack and the Beanstalk

WOW! Factor: Walking to the woods, acting out Jack and the Beanstalk, building Jack's cottage and building the giant's castle.

Fantastic Finish: Posting letters

 Book: Jack and the Beanstalk Author: Eileen Browne

Jack and the Beanstalk is an English fairytale where the main character is very poor and the main character meets a giant. It ends like all traditional tales with … they lived happily ever after. We have linked it to letter writing where the children will write letters and post them.

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Spring 1 - Corduroy

WOW! Factor: Teddy bears’ picnic

Fantastic Finish: Make a toy

Book: Corduroy Author: Don Freeman

In this unit, the children will explore the history of toys, and this will link to their work on materials in science. They will also learn about managing their emotions and use their art and design skills to create their own toy.

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Spring 2 – Just So Stories

WOW! Factor: Reptile Roadshow

Fantastic Finish: Art exhibition linked to Enabling Enterprise

Book: Just So Stories Author: Rudyard Kipling

The central focus of this unit will be science, where we will be learning about different animals and plants, both in the UK and further afield. This will link closely to our work in PSHE and RE, which centres on behaving responsibly towards our environment.

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Summer 1 – Katie Morag Delivers the Mail

WOW! Factor: Investigating Katie Morag

Fantastic Finish: Tasting Scottish traditional food

Book: Katie Morag Delivers the Mail Author: Mairi Hedderwick

This unit includes map skills and finding out about the United Kingdom and the oceans that surround it. They will use their computing skills to program simple ICT toys like Bee-Bots.  The children will also explore special places, their relationships with their families, and tartan patterns.

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Summer 2 - Stickman

WOW! Factor: Quackling - Forest school trail. 

Fantastic Finish: Trip to the woods to find StickMan 

Book: Stickman Author: Julia Donaldson

Science and our Well Being topic link this term to find out about our changing bodies and how we change from a baby to a child. In History, we will look at how school has changed from when our grandparents went to school. The children will learn some new computing skills and find out about animation. They will also learn about Compass points. 

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