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Ofsted Report

The Ofsted inspectors last visited the school on the 24th and 25th February 2016 and judged Whitefield to be a good school.  We are delighted with the report overall, as it highlights many aspects of the great work we do here at Whitefield. Some of the most notable comments include:

  • The school has improved a great deal since the last inspection and is well placed to develop
    further. The headteacher has high expectations and brings much drive and enthusiasm to her role. The senior leadership team, other leaders and the governing body have supported her very well in improving teaching and pupils’ outcomes.
  • The school’s records of pupils’ achievement, work in pupils’ books and lessons show that the progress of current pupils is good in reading, writing, mathematics and in a range of other subjects. The school is working effectively to fill past gaps in pupils’ learning.
  • As a result of good teaching in the Nursery and Reception classes, children are now making good progress in the early years. This is leading to clear improvement in the proportion of children who are set to reach a good level of development at the end of the Reception Year.
  • The quality of teaching has improved since the last inspection and teaching and learning are good. The school has a clear system for assessing pupils’ achievement in English and mathematics. Leaders make very good use of the information this provides to identify pupils who need extra help and to drive school improvement.
  • The Lantern Behaviour Provision makes outstanding provision for pupils with behavioural, social, emotional and mental health difficulties. It meets with a high level of success in returning pupils to their mainstream schools and enables them to make exceptional progress.
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They enjoy learning and respond well to the opportunities the school provides. Very good pastoral support, including that provided by the family workers, does much to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare.

Of course, we are striving to reach the new, higher Ofsted standards, so we will be working hard on the areas the inspectors have suggested for improvement:

  • The early years’ learning environment is not yet as stimulating as it could be, and parents are not fully involved in their children’s learning and assessment.
  • The school has not fully developed an assessment system for non-core subjects.
  • Occasionally, teachers do not challenge the mostable pupils enough or provide as many opportunities as they could for pupils to apply their mathematical skills. Important spelling mistakes sometimes go uncorrected and teachers do not always insist that pupils present their work neatly.

Actions are already in place to improve these areas within the actions in the current School Improvement Plan

You can read the complete report by clicking here: Whitefield Primary Academy - Ofsted report

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