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Year 3 WOW Day - Circus Workshop

Monday 28th October 2019

 To kick off the learning of our topic “The Butterfly Lion” in style we invited Circus Sensible into school to teach us some new skills. The children were invited to come into school wearing colourful clothing ready for the big event. We spent the day undertaking a series of workshops including learning how to balance feathers on the tips of our fingers (and even the end our noses), juggling, poi, flower stick, ribbon twirling, plate spinning, stilt walking and even how to ride (safely) “The Wheels of Doom”! At the end of the day we invited the parents in to watch our new skills in action and we put on a show for them. The children’s behaviour as always, was outstanding and everyone had a thoroughly exciting day.  We can now take this enthusiasm forward into our learning. 

Here are some quotes from the children about the WOW Day.

The circus was really fun! I loved it. It was amazing! What I loved the most was the balancing and juggling. It was really good even though I was a little bad at it, I still tried my best.  Aleena.

I liked the circus because we had lots of activities to do and it was lots of fun. Riley.

The circus was so fun. We were learning different tricks and some were hard but still fun! We had lots of different ones to learn like the WHEELS OF DOOM and the stilts of DEATH! Aleeza.

It was shocking and amazing but it was good! In the circus there are stilts, juggling and the wheels of doom. It was so good! Ava-Grace

When I was dancing with the ribbon I was having so much fun. I made the infinity symbol with my ribbon. Ashton-Taylor.

At the circus I felt happy because it was fun. We got given balancing stuff I learned to juggle it. It was amazing at the circus because we got to do the Wheels of Doom and the spinning plates. Charley.