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McKee Class - Fantastic Finish

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

On their minibeast FANTASTIC FINISH day in McKee class they not only dressed up as minibeasts and talked about their costumes but they also all took part in an activity where they also learnt about how minibeasts move! The children had lots of fun giving it a try themselves - zooming, flapping their wings, curling up like a woodlouse and lots more!

After the children completed their activity of moving like minibeasts they then used the transient art objects to create their own fantastic minibeast pictures.

Within the setting they had a variety of activities for the children to take part in, including making a craft to represent the lifecycle of a caterpillar, making symmetrical butterfly paintings, story telling resources, playing with minibeasts in the slime and sand and some mark making activities.

The children have learnt a lot over the course of the half term and enjoyed this fun day to round off their learning! 

McKee Class - Fantastic Finish