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Anti-Bullying week - Visit from Sarah Owen MP

Friday 17th November 2023

Last week at Whitefield the children marked anti-bullying week by 'Making a Noise.' Each year group spent some time talking about bullying; looking at bullying from all perspectives and coming together to look at ways we can stop bullying and support those affected. Our Deputy Headteacher Miss White contacted our local MP Sarah Owen to come into school and meet the children and see the fantastic work they have been doing.

We are so proud that Sarah came to Whitefield last Friday to see our amazing school. Sarah spent some time looking around the school with our head boy and girl, met with our school council to talk about being an MP and then spent time in some of our classes as the children shared their work with her. Year 6 were debating 'Bullying or Banter', Year 5 wrote and performed a rap about stopping bullying, Year 4 wrote letters to Sarah asking for her help in putting a stop to bullying and Year 3 wrote and performed an acrostic poem.

Our children certainly made an impression on Sarah, she said It was a joy to meet students and staff at Whitefield Primary to see their amazing work on anti-bullying week. The students' values of unity, kindness and respect were an absolute joy to see and shone through in their work, and I got to hear the raps, poems and letters that each class had composed to 'Make a Noise' about anti-bullying. Parents, school staff and teachers should be very proud of their intelligent, caring and empathic children and I can't wait to come back to Whitefield soon.

Whitefield certainly 'Made a Noise!' We look forward to seeing Sarah again at Whitefield soon.

Anti-Bullying Week - Visit from Sarah Owen MP