Our Value for this term is UNITY

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Whitefields Primary

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A Values Based School

SEMH Provision

Our Vision

At Lantern we aim to inspire and motivate children. We provide children with a safe and nurturing environment in which they can learn about their emotions and needs alongside the main curriculum, and learn how to reach their potential. We believe that every child needs a champion, therefore all staff members in Lantern model our values and growth mindset and prioritise the children’s needs. We support children to feel confident in their own abilities to enable them to engage in activities fully, resulting in them learning to maximise their opportunities. Our nurture work involves boosting self-esteem, acknowledging emotions and understanding how to manage them, social skills and much more.

We aim to support and empower children to enable them to be well-rounded individuals who leave Lantern with a passion for learning, confident in their abilities and proud of their achievements, as well as celebrating the achievements of others.

We support children to embed our school values and use a growth mindset when tackling new or tricky learning/ activities, this enables children to have a positive attitude to take with them for the future.

Who We Are

Lantern provision is for children from the North Region of Luton.  We extend support to children who have been experiencing difficulties accessing their learning. The children are offered a period of time working as part of Lantern Class, within Whitefield Primary Academy. For some children, this is a full-time placement whilst others may spend part of their week at Lantern and part of the week at their base school. When they are ready, they continue their full-time education at their base school. Lantern opened in February 2014 and is located in the mainstream building. It is run by a dedicated team who are committed to helping our pupils be successful in school.

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