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Declaration of Interests


Governor Name Type of Governor (if FOU, state appointing body) Chair (CH), Vice Chair (VC), or Chair of Committee (state committee) Membership of committees (state which committee) Connections to Staff - Yes or No If Yes, who and how.

Term of Office

Start Date

Term of Office End Date (and reason for leaving if no longer current governor) Other Governor Posts held. Name of educational establishment and governor type Business Interests declared. Yes or None Declared. If yes please state Governor's Employer and Role

Muhammad Asif

Parent VC - FGB FGB None 18/10/2017 17/10/2021 None None
Georgina Barnes Parent Awaiting Declaration form 18/10/2017 17/10/2021 Awaiting Declaration form Awaiting Declaration form
Cori Bateman Ex offico Jamie Kelly (Line manager at Chantry Primary Academy) - -

Executive Headteacher at Chantry Primary Academy

Richard Bates Staff None 18/10/2017 17/10/2021 None None
Melissa Croley Community

Michaela Ostaniewicz


31/01/2018 30/01/2022 None None
Philip Dear Community Pay Review Committee None 18/10/2017 17/10/2021 None None
Jamie Kelly Community CH - FGB, Pay Pay Review Committee Cori Bateman (Employee at Chantry Primary Academy) 18/10/2017 17/10/2021 None None
Kelly Morris Parent Awaiting Declaration form 09/05/2018 08/05/2022 Awaiting Declaration form Awaiting Declaration form
Elaine O'Shaughnessy LA VC - Pay Pay Review Committee None 02/11/2016 01/11/2020 Parent governor at Westoning Lower School None
Jan Christie Attendee None - - None None
Michaela Ostaniewicz Attendee Melissa Croley (Daughter) - - None None
 Note: All members of the Governing Body are appointed by the Board of Governors. The Executive Headteacher holds an Ex Officio position.