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The world around us is always changing and at Whitefield this means our learning and teaching within Geography is also always adapting. From the moment children enter the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), they are introduced to Geography through reading and play-based learning. This is achieved through the focus on a key text. This approach to teaching is used throughout Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2). 

Geography at Whitefield aims to balance the teaching of key geographical skills (drawing maps, orienteering and completing field studies) and developing knowledge and understanding of the world. This is done by comparing and contrasting different locations, investigating change using key vocabulary and asking/responding to key questions. 

We understand the need for children to explore and investigate the world around them and this starts with our school and our local environment.  It continues across the school to include trips to various different locations ranging from local parks all the way to Paris.  Giving children the opportunity to explore different locations through first-hand experience is important to us and where possible we aim to do this through WOW days and Fantastic Finishes, such as creating maps for a treasure hunt. However, we also understand the importance of giving children the opportunity to investigate through other sources such as atlases, photographs and ICT.  As such these skills are threaded into our teaching throughout our fun and exciting curriculum.


Whitefield Primary Academy allows the children a vast variety of learning experiences within History. These learning experiences take many forms as we understand that for children to succeed in subjects such as History they have to be engaged and engrossed in the topic. This is done through our book based curriculum, which allows the children to link what they read in their class text to the learning they do in class. The class texts chosen allow the children to advance their understanding of the development of Britain and the wider world.  We understand the importance of children having a firm understanding of chronology (times and dates) as well as the ability to explore and enhance their enquiry skills.

All History based teaching at Whitefield is supported by making links to other subjects within the National Curriculum including Geography, Computing and Literacy. This allows the children to apply the learning they do within History lessons and create diary entries, letters and historically accurate stories. The learning of History is enhanced through our WOW days or Fantastic Finishes in the classroom, which has included dressing up as Greeks and making houses to recreate the Great Fire of London, and through trips such as visits to the Tower of London and Warwick Castle.

History Progression


In RE there has been a new curriculum this year, which has linked nicely into our Integrated Curriculum. Alongside this, we have been lucky enough to been involved in the Annual Luton Peace Walk. Six children attended the Peace Walk, but the whole school got involved, as Key Stage 1 enjoyed an assembly about the different “Hats of Faith”. In Key Stage 2, a number of faith leaders came in and did a “Question Time” with the children.