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A Values Based School


Integrated Curriculum

At Whitefield, we teach a broad and engaging curriculum.  We are committed to a quality curriculum, centred on values and core skills for life.

 We follow a book based curriculum to share our love of books and our joy of reading.  Each half term, every year group studies a book (in younger year groups, this will be a collection of books by the same author or on the same thing).  The book that is being studied forms the basis for all subjects and is the driving force for that half term’s topic.

EYFS Curriculum Map

KS1 Curriculum Map

KS2 Curriculum Map

English Curriculum

We launched the ‘Read, Write, Inc Phonics’ system of teaching in January 2015.  This is because we are committed to a rigorous approach to securing early reading and literacy skills.  This scheme ensures rapid progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.  It is also used in Key Stage Two for a few children who need a little extra help to catch them up to where they should be.  The Read, Write Inc Phonics Scheme is by Ruth Miskin and has time and time again proven results.

Maths Curriculum

Teachers and children are now using Inspire maths (a textbook based scheme) to help them support their learning. This scheme of work is new to us as a school (September 2018) and we are all enjoying our exciting and challenging mathematical journey.

 Whitefield is also fortunate enough to be part of the Teacher Research Group run by the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics). A TRG is a group of teachers working collaboratively to improve their practice and to develop the mastery approach when teaching mathematics.

 As part of this project, teachers are working with their colleagues and children to develop a structured lesson format that works well with our chosen Inspire maths teacher materials. Some teachers have observed mastery lessons in action and have developed these in their own classrooms, as well as sharing good practice with others in school.



The mastery approach at Whitefield allows children to work together as a class on their fluency skills at very regular intervals. Some children will need further support with this area depending on their individual need and either the class teacher or teaching assistant will provide that support where appropriate. Children will then progress to an activity that allows them to consolidate their learning and apply their work in a new way. Children who are then confident and able to do so will then move to a problem that will give them the opportunity to work on their reasoning and application skills.

Mastery is for all of our children and these carefully designed tasks allow pupils to take time to practise key skills before deepening understanding with further challenges from the Inspire practice books or textbooks.

For further information on the resources used in school, please click on the links below.